Given the nature of our waterways -open ocean, shallow inlets and estuaries and a working harbour- Bunbury Sea Rescue operates a diverse fleet of four boats.

1. Spirit of Bunbury III – 10.8m Oceancat

Our prime rescue vessel is an Elite Marine-built Oceancat equipped with twin Volvo-Penta turbo-diesels totalling 740hp. Spirit of Bunbury III is based on a Schwetz design and was delivered to the group in 2012. It is capable of 34 knots top speed, with a comfortable cruise of 24-26 knots. At this speed and with its 1200 litres of fuel it has a range of 350 nautical miles (640kms).


2. Tom Reed – 24-foot Naiad (VMRWA asset)

Our secondary rescue vessel is a 7.3m Naiad equipped with twin Yamaha four-stroke outboards totalling 300hp, on loan from VMRWA. We are currently in the planning phase of having a 7.5m Air Rider custom built as a permanent secondary rescue vessel.

3. Polycraft 4.50m Drifter Frontrunner

Primarily used for training and some closed-water work, our Polycraft is powered by a Yamaha 30 hp four-stroke outboard. The combination of the smooth Yamaha and strong, plastic hull, makes this a quiet and pleasurable boat to use. All our members love it.

4. Zodiac 4m

Powered by a 15 hp Tohatsu two-stroke outboard, the rubber ducky’s intended purpose was as a support vessel to BSR1, with it small enough to be able to fit through the big boat’s stern doors.